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Hey guys! So the other day I was trying to clean my room *cough*notreally*cough* and I realize I have way to many posters :/ Plus I’m also not that into kpop anymore so I’m going to sell my posters cheap to you guys ^o^ I really need to get rid of them because they are cluttering up my room!

The posters conditions aren’t bad but they aren’t in perfect condition. Most if not all of the posters will have small rectangular foam on each corners of the posters. Most of the posters will have a small tear on them too.

The photos I have up are only the small 13 X 12 inch posters. The other posters I have are the big official posters from released albums which I didn’t think I need to take a picture of since you can google them but if you would like to see a picture of the condition they are in then you can email I will send you a photo.

If you buy 2 of the bigger posters than you get a small one of your choice free and if you buy 3 of the smaller posters you will get another one of your choice free.

Note I will be shipping all posters FOLDED! If you would like tube please do ask in order form and pricing will change.

This is first come first serve! All prices include shipping.

All Small Posters $3 shipped.

  • Kai [SOLD]
  • EXO-K [SOLD]
  • SHINee Waving[SOLD]
  • SHINee Hello
  • Taeyeon w/ Monkey
  • Key Airplane (small tear in top left corner)[SOLD]
  • SHINee Etude
  • SHINee sitting
  • Taeyeon in dres[SOLD]
  • Taemin SHINee World
  • Key SHINee-Key [SOLD]
  • Taeyeon Oh! outfit
  • SHINee Hello 2[SOLD]
  • SHINee ring ding dong era
  • SHINee standing[SOLD]
  • Taemin I AM.
  • Jonghyun solo[SOLD]
  • Taemin in suit
  • Young SHINee[SOLD]

Big Official posters all $4 shipped.

  • SNSD Mr. Taxi (Korean Edition)
  • SNSD Japan 1st Album
  • Hyuna 4Minute Bubble Pop
  • SNSD Genie Japan Single [SOLD]
  • SHINee the 1st concert in Seoul
  • SNSD Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run double single
  • SNSD Gee Japan single (Huge tear on side T.T) price $3 instead [SOLD]
  • 2011 SMTOWN Winter [SOLD]
  • IU Last Fantasy 2

If you would like to order a poster please fill out this [ORDER FORM] and send it to cottonkitty93@yahoo.com with subject POSTER.

Please do help out and spread the word! I would like these gone! I also include in lots of freebie too!

The Mini Giveaway is Now Over

I’ve already chosen the winner and will contact them soon ^^

If I do not receive a response within 2 days than I’ll choose a new winner!

Happy belated birthday!! ^^

Thank You :D

Happy belated birthday! My birthday's just in a few days too.

Thank you ^w^ And a happy early to you :)

I can't believe I missed your birthday omO what's wrong with me You're so cool and I can't wait for you to start making bows again. ;u;

Thank you :D And I was hoping to start making bows again by the end of the month but I’m honestly not sure if I will. We will see ^^


My birthday was yesterday, lol. But Thank you ^-^

Hey guys I have a short giveaway going on right now that I started yesterday ^^ It’s going to end tonight somewhere between 10 or 11 PM CST

All you have to do is like >this< post and that’s it. No need for reblogs or follows just like once.

Giveaway is now over

I think it's super sweet of you to be blessing your followers/customers on your day of spoilage

Thank you, I just thought it would be nice to do something special and also I haven’t been active much so this is just a little something to say sorry for being inactive >.<

Hii ^^ I received this last week in excellent condition &lt;3 And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THOSE FREEBIES!!!! /so overwhelmed/ my friend is gona love this!! ^-^

Hii ^^ I received this last week in excellent condition <3 And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THOSE FREEBIES!!!! /so overwhelmed/ my friend is gona love this!! ^-^