All items above are in good condition. I’ve only flipped through the photobooks once or twice. The cds have only been played once or never.

All prices include shipping:

  • Girls’ Generation Mr. Taxi Run Devil Run CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $30
  • Girls’ Generation Gee CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $30
  • Girls’ Generation Genie CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $30
  • Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense $16
  • f(x) pinocchio $14
  • Kara Step Special Edition $14
  • ZE:A Lovability 1ST Album $20
  • Dalmatian 1st mini album $20 [SOLD]
  • Sherlock Taemin & EXO-K Kai Fans [SOLD] (Photos on fans are not high quality and are a little blurry)  $3 each or $5 for both
  • Key One More Keys, Dear $55
  • Onew Prologue $55
  • Fansite Fantasister Taemin mousepad $6

If you are international or you are buying than one item then pricing will change. I will not be selling the photobooks to Canada/international buyers because they are heavy and shipping will be expensive.

If you would like to order then please fill out this [order form] and make the subject “Meow”