Selling my posters post!

These are posters that have never been hung because I a) didn’t have space on my wall at the time and b) too lazy to hang. They are all in fabulous condition except for one. I have 3 other posters that I’m selling too but are not pictured because tumblr only allows 10 pictures in a post so if you are interested just ask for a pic.

All prices include shipping:

  • SHINee $8 (tubed) / $6 (folded)
  • SHINee sitting $8 (tubed) / $6 (folded)
  • SHINee SHINee World Concert poster $9 (tubed) / $7 (folded)
  • SHINee Taemin $8 (tubed) / $6 (folded)
  • SMTown $9 (tubed) / $7 (folded)
  • IU Last Fantasy [This poster has some bent areas on the poster >.<] $7 (tubed) / $5 (folded)
  • Infinite Second Invasion $30 (tubed) / $25 (folded) [Price is for each member not all]
  • All Infinite Second Invasion $105 [SOLD]
  • EXO Sehun & Baekhyun $8 (tubed) / $5 (folded) [SOLD]
  • EXO Kai $8 (tubed) / $6 (folded)

I’ll only be shipping within the US, sorry. If you want to see the posters that are not posted just shoot me an email cottonkitty93@yahoo.com. Also before I get any questions regarding the Infinite posters I’d like to remind you that these are out of print and difficult to find.

If you would like to order then please fill out this [order form] and make the subject “Meow”