Selling Post #1

All items I have are in tip top condition. I’ve only looked at them at once and then put away. All albums have only been played once and put away.

If you want to order anything please be serious about it! You’ll have only 1 week to send out payment. If you need to cancel please do tell me so because it’ll upset me more if you order and then go me MIA. 

-All prices listed do include shipping-

  • Girls’ Generation Mr. Taxi Run Devil Run CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $25
  • Girls’ Generation Gee CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $25
  • Girls’ Generation Genie CD + DVD (Photocard not included) $25
  • Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense $16
  • f(x) pinocchio $14
  • Kara Step Special Edition $14
  • ZE:A Lovability 1ST Album $50
  • JYJ The Beginning $25
  • SMTown 2011 Winter <Gold Ver.> $13
  • Super Junior M The Second Mini $10
  • SHINee socks <Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin, Minho, Key> $5 each or $20 for SOLD
  • SHINee bag $5 SOLD
  • SNSD bag $5
  • hand mirrors <Kai, Kris, Hyunseung, Dongwoo, Luhan, EXO M, Sehun> $3 each or $15 for all SOLD

If you are Canada/International then prices will change. Just send in an order form and I will calculate the price for you.

If you would like to order anything just fill out <THIS> order form and send to the email provided.

Please do help out and spread out the word! I would like these gone! Thank you!